Destination Rathambhore National Park

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Rathambhore National Park: After Jaipur we drove to Rathambhore National Park to see tigers. If you have time it is a true highlight. The park covers 106 square miles and has boulder-filled gorges, lakes and jungles. The park was originally the hunting ground of Jaipur’s maharajas and became a Project Tiger reserve in 1973. We toured the park in large open vehicles both late afternoon and early morning. I was thrilled to be able to see three tigers with one right next to us!!

If you go, you must stay at the Oberoi Vanvavilas right next to the park. The rooms were in permanent luxury tents with finely embroidered canopies, luxurious bathrooms and private walled gardens in perfect contrast to the ruggedness of the jungle. It had a fitness center and the restaurant was also great and very attractive. The total experience was really very special!


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