What is Globalphile.com?

Welcome to Globalphile.com. We curate the best in travel content for the independent, sophisticated, creative and design-conscious traveler that will help them craft and create the ultimate experiences in the destinations they wish to explore and discover.

Here you will learn about the culture, which areas to explore, what not to miss in new architecture and great design, and where to discover the most desirable in art, music, theater, dance, food, wine, beer, spirits, shopping and accommodations. The information for a fabulous trip will be clearly organized for you on the site and will help you sift through what can be endless information online. “We give you the tools to venture out and see the world.”

We cover many of the top destinations around the world, which are researched thoroughly by reviewing the content from more than 100 knowledgeable sources from around the globe and, unlike many sources, visiting each of the destinations we cover. We will continually add new locations and content as our research and travels are completed. So visit us often and sign up for our updates!

“Your website is AMAZING!!!!! What a wonderful way to capture your experiences and the recommendations of other knowledgeable people.”  Ellen G. – Winnetka, IL

The site information is curated by Bob Glaze, the Globalphile Curator. In all of his travels for over 45 years, he has never received any compensation or sponsorship for any meals, transportation or accommodations from any company mentioned on the site. We are not beholden to anyone!

“I have recently attended several travel conferences where travel writers and bloggers have talked about how they use AI or Artificial Intelligence to generate ideas and write their content. This bothers me as I don’t think this is being authentic. Authenticity is becoming more and more important as shown by The Merriam-Webster word of the year for 2023 which is authentic! I feel that you, my readers, want information that is authentic and from my point of view.

Prior to going to a new location, I do my research from reputable sources including the New York Times, Travel + Leisure Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. AFAR Magazine, the James Beard Foundation, Eater.com and Food & Wine Magazine to name a few. Based on this information, I visit a destination and plan my itinerary based on their recommendations. I then visit the top sites, museums, hotels and restaurants and then write my content based on my own experiences. All the photos that I use on the website are all taken by me. In this way you are getting my honest, authentic point of view. If I don’t like a hotel or restaurant, I don’t include it in my content.”

Please share the information that you like with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Whether you book your trip on your own, through a travel agent or online through one of the online booking sites, once you decide where to go, Globalphile.com will help you plan what to do while you are there.

“I am now a globalphile!!” James S – Chicago, IL

Wow. It is gorgeous. Love the Photos” Paul R. – Chicago, IL

About the Curator

Robert H Glaze The Globalphile Curator/Photographer

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I have traveled to over 900 cities in 43 countries around the world. My experiences over more than 45 years of travel have been life changing, since I have been exposed to different religions and cultures around the world. I feel like I am a citizen of the world and not just of the United States. I truly hope that by helping you in your travels, that it will result in some of the same life changing experiences that I have had.

I have a passion for photography and have taken numerous photography workshops and classes including some by top National Geographic photographers. I also have a passion for art, architecture and great design. I, therefore, curate all that I see through this creative lens.

As a result:

  • I love to find the right hotel, the right restaurant and the right neighborhood to explore.
  • I love road trips in the US.
  • I love seeing the great new design that is popping up all over the world in hotels, stores and restaurants. However, I am still drawn to some older traditional spots like the perfect French cafe with just the right atmosphere.
  • I am drawn to shop windows, to people, to the hustle and bustle of a city.
  • I love history.
  • I love small boutique hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts rather than large impersonal hotels and resorts.
  • I like visiting third world countries, but still want a hot shower, a nice dinner and a good bed at night.
  • I love being exposed to different religions and cultures.
  • I like exploring cities on my own without a guide, but do like private guides and drivers when in Asia or other countries where the language can be a problem.
  • I love color and texture. As a result, I am drawn to the colored walls of Mexico, the tiles of Marrakech and the colorful graffiti of Berlin.
  • I love the sounds of the city from the markets, the cafes, church bells and the call to prayer in Muslim countries.
  • I love buying local crafts and textiles and surrounding myself with these treasures in my home.
  • I like being and feeling like a local by taking subways and public transportation and hanging out away from the tourists.
  • I prefer great walking cities like Paris, New York or Istanbul. Sometimes getting lost can lead to some of the best experiences.
  • I love going to art museums, visiting galleries, seeing a wonderful play, hearing an amazing concert and eating a great meal with the perfect glass of red wine.

It’s so awesome …..  and what really enhances the experience are the beautiful photographs that frame all of the content. An to know that you (as curator) personally took all of the pictures, well that really makes it all the more powerful.”  Jamie C –  Barrington, IL

“Bob, a very impressive website, and not to mention your travels and photos. Great job and resource!” Jerry W – Kansas City, MO