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I find that the Globalphile re-design is much easier and faster to navigate than the previous version.  I like the “reset” feature because you don’t have to return to the main menu to change a destination. Thank you for all of your hard work!”  Joan S. – Chicago, IL

“I finally had a chance to visit our website. I love your writing and the lovely photos. I look forward to reading more of your beautifully written summaries.” Douglas VT – Chicago, IL

“Bob! You are a genius! This site is fantastic! Kudos to you.”  Catherine K – Tucson, AZ

“I LOVE the website!!! Wow!”  Marilyn V – Glencoe, IL

“I have read the “About Us” section and cherry picked some cities to visit. Really great job. Very informative. TONS of INFORMATION!!! Julia S G – Dallas, TX

“Have been browsing through your new website. It looks terrific!  Love the idea of having all of the info in one place. I can envision using free WiFi spots around the world to get info about where I am traveling to.” Darlene J – Chicago, IL

“I checked out your wonderful website – it’s truly inspiring!”  Catherine B – Tucson, AZ

“Let me preface by telling you that my husband and I travel a lot and we’ve been almost everywhere in Europe. It somehow always falls on me to do ALL of the planning: hotels,museums, cafes, restaurants, walking tours, you name it. What I usually end up doing is “googling”, say, Budapest, and trying to piece together a conglomeration of places to go/visit/eat/drink from 20+ websites. This is a much better user experience.”  Mary Jo H – Philadelphia, PA

“Fellow San Miguel fan Bob Glaze has a great website that is my fave go to source to recommend to folks who want to know where to eat and stay and what to see and do there. But he also writes engagingly of other destinations international and Stateside! Marfa Texas! Door County! He only recommends places he enjoys based on personal experience. Before we go someplace I always check to see what he has to say and browsing his well designed site will inspire you to consider some new destinations, esp good for three day weekends here in USA.”  Diana W – Chicago, IL