Featured Event – Spoleto Festival USA Charleston SC

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Spoleto Festival USA: The festival is one of the best art festivals in the US. It is a 17 day event, offering opera, classical, jazz, theater, musical theater, dance, choral performances and special events.

I booked my events well in advance. On my first night I loved hearing jazz under the live oaks and Spanish Moss in a lovely courtyard of the College of Charleston campus. I attended one more jazz concert, an Irish play, a performance by a Spanish ballet company and a chamber music concert. All were really outstanding.

The City of Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto which occurs at the same time has comedy, family, musical theater, theater, dance, jazz, blues, concert and choral music performances plus films. You certainly won’t get bored during this busy three week period. The festival is in the book 1,000 Places To See before You Die along with the historic downtown area of Charleston.


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