Destination Redstone, Colorado






Redstone, Colorado is a small town around 16 miles from Carbondale CO situated below high, red sandstone cliffs along the Crystal River. There are approximately 130 full-time residents. John Cleveland Osgood, whose Colorado Fuel and Iron Company used Redstone for high grade coking of the coal from nearby mines, built over 80 cottages and houses for his employees between 1900 and 1902. The coal came by a narrow-gauge railroad from nearby Coalbasin, a town for the coal miners at 9,200 ft. Today you can see some of the cottages, visit the small museums and the antiques shops and stores or have a meal. You can also visit the coke ovens near the Redstone turnoff on Highway 133.

Osgood’s personal estate, known as the Redstone Castle, is open for daily tours.

Over the years, I have been to Redstone three times. This trip I walked Redstone Blvd. admiring the small cottages, the artful mailboxes, visiting the Historic Redstone Inn, exploring the local stores  and having ice cream at the Redstone General Store.

Redstone Company Store: At 117 Redstone Blvd., this is a small store offering attractive mountain home decor. The Redstone Art Gallery is also a nice gallery featuring local artists. 173 Redstone Blvd.

Redstone Inn: This historic inn, was completed in 1902 to house bachelor miners by John Osgood. There is a lovely dining room plus a bar and grill overlooking the pool.

Redstone General Store: A fun store selling candy, coffee drinks, baked goods and good ice cream. 292 Redstone Blvd.