An Early Morning Walk on the Beach


Nature & Active


Asbury Park, Brielle, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Belmar, Bay Head, Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Lavalette, Ocean Grove, Avon by the SeaThe Jersey Shore


Early in the morning the sun peeks up over the waves, and the thin rays glisten over the sparkling undulations of the ocean. Screeching gulls fly overhead catching fish from the briny deep, as the fishing fleets leaves the inlet. With a calm rhythm, the tide foams up on the shell laden beach and the waves pound endlessly on the old, worn jetty. The small brown sandpipers, feeding on the kelp, leave myriads of thin footprints in the moist sand, which are only to be washed away. The forms of a few fishermen are seen jotted along the coastline. There is a beautiful contrast between the blueness of the water and the whiteness of the sand. A cool breeze blows gently which adds to the serenity of an early morning walk along the shore. The sunrise over the ocean is truly one of the most beautiful wonders of nature.

Robert H. Glaze

Young America Writes – 1969 Anthology of Selected High School Essays – National High School Essay Press