Destination Baroda Michigan




Three Oaks/Sawyer/Baroda


Baroda is a small village in Berrien County with a population of under 1,000 near the center of the wine country. Here you will find:

Baroda Tap and Grille at 8906 W. First St.: This is a casual spot on the main street in Baroda. It has a full assortment of burgers, sandwiches and salads. The turkey reuben was excellent!! They often have music on weekends.

Round Barn Brewery & Public House, 8151 First St. in Baroda: A hip, new spot for tasting beer and having a casual meal. They have close to 30 brews including ales, wheat beer, stouts and IPAs, many with creative flavors. Their menu features appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and pizzas.

Other places to try are the Hometown Deli & Catering, at 8972 First St., and the Baroda Founders Wine Cellar. They offer tastings of their red and white wine offerings. 8963 Hills Rd.