Chicago’s Chinatown


Food & Drink




Located south of downtown, Chicago’s Chinatown is a fun neighborhood to explore. Though the shops tend to be touristy, the restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores are excellent.

For dim sum my top pick is Phoenix at 2131 S. Archer. It was recently remodeled and is popular with the Chinese community. You order off the menu during the week but pick your choices off the roving carts on the weekend. Dim sum is also not available for dinner. The staff is excellent as is the food. It has been my go-to spot for many years and I have shared the experience with many friends and family.

Recently opened is MingHin Cuisine at 2168 S. Archer in Chinatown Square. The dim sum is good and the design is warm and contemporary, making it one of the the nicest restaurants  in the area.

Ten Ren Tea: At 2247 S. Wentworth, this is the best place to buy quality tea in Chinatown. I have been buying their jasmine pearls for years.

For bakery items, I like Chiu Quon at 2253 S. Wentworth. I love their walnut bean paste cake and their cookies. Grab a pastry and a cup of tea and join the locals in the back room. You feel like you are in the middle of China!! Another good bakery is Feida Bakery at 2228 S. Wentworth.

Chinese-American Museum of Chicago: For the history of the Chinese in Chicago, you might enjoy this small museum. 238 W. 23rd.

After a friend suggested it, I just tried Cai Fine Dining and Banquet for dim sum at 2100 S. Archer. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. I always enjoy sharing the dumplings with friends, which allows me to try more dishes!

My latest find is Dolo Restaurant at 2224 S. Archer. It just received the award for one of the best new restaurants 2015 by Esquire Magazine. I loved the contemporary decor (despite too many televisions) and enjoyed very good dim sum with a friend. The dumplings were excellent as was the pumpkin congee.