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Cooking classes are becoming a top thing to do when you are there visiting in town. My top recommendations include:

A good friend, Kirsten West, recently opened La Pina Azul Cooking School at Orizaba 39A. Check out her schedule and information on her website or at 312-602-9650. She worked for famed Mexican Chef Rick Bayless in Chicago. I recently did one of her classes with friends, which was very educational as it included a great deal of information about the history of the food and the dishes as well about the ingredients.  She prefers to schedule her classes around your travel plans, so please contact her.

El Petit Four, Messones 99: This is a a lovely spot for European-style baked goods, sandwiches and coffee that is well-worth a visit. The chef/owner, Paco Cardenas, teaches great cooking classes in town. You can visit the market and then cook at his home following the tour. I have had a number of friends and family who have loved the classes.

In the Colonia San Antonio neighborhood, my newest find is El Buen Cafe. I was glad to have tried their new location in Col. San Antonio. At San Jorge 26, this is a great spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Attending a ceramics class a block away, I enjoyed eating there four times for lunch. Kris Rudolph is a very good chef and offers cooking classes next door as well as culinary tours through Delicious Expeditions.

I recently met Michael Coon through local friends and took two of his classes on my last trip. He has a great spot on San Rafael Nte. in Col. San Antonio. He does a combination of theme dinners along with hands on classes. I enjoyed both experiences. He also offers culinary tours through Kitchen Routes. Feel free to contact him for his schedule at or 707 253 9650 (US).

Another friend, Chef Gabby Green, who has had  four restaurants and local food truck, is now offering cooking classes and market tours. Please check out La Fonda Rosa for times and costs.

I have also heard good things about Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School located in Col. San Antonio also. 28 De Abril Sur #9A.