Destination Marfa, Texas







Founded as a railroad water stop in the 1880’s, this small town of just over 2000 residents, in the middle of nowhere, is becoming a destination for art lovers from around the world. It has also attracted many artists and creative types who now live and work there. It is a perfect spot to spend a weekend!! Just remember it is 20 miles from the nearest town and 200 miles from the nearest airport. I drove from the east in Fredericksburg, but I would recommend El Paso as an easy airport to fly in and out of.  It is nine-hour drive from Houston, eight from Dallas, seven from Austin, six from San Antonio, and three from El Paso.

Prada Marfa

The town was made popular in the 1950’s by the film Giant, which was filmed there with James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

Marfa, TX

Marfa’s reputation as an art destination was galvanized by the artist Donald Judd, who in the 1970’s bought land to use as a home and studio. He also established the Chinati Foundation in a former military base, just south of downtown, where the former buildings have been filled with contemporary works by Judd and other artists.

Marfa, TX

There are also some excellent hotels and several great restaurants to try.

Road to Marfa