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Between Point Pleasant and Manasquan is Brielle, NJ which is a lovely residential town along the Manasquan River. It also has some great restaurants and is known as the charter fishing boat capital of New Jersey.

On the docks in Brielle

The Shipwreck Grill, at 720 Ashley Ave., has excellent food and is on the river and near the boat marinas. I recently went back for a fun dinner with my nephew. I enjoyed the raw clams and the shrimp bucatini, a pasta with shrimp, plum tomatoes, garlic, capers, Thai basil and a shaved riccota salata. It is more of a fine dining experience compared to many of the more casual venues nearby.

Shipwreck Grill

One of the old standards, Union Landing at 622 Green St., closed and has been remodeled and re-opened as Waypoint 622. I enjoyed a lovely dinner in the inside dining room of  spaghetti and clams.

Waypoint 622

Mariner’s Cove is known for its wonderful breakfast menu with over 200 omelette combinations, a good choice of waffles, pancakes, crepes and French toast. You might try going during the week, as weekend mornings can be crowded. 712 Union Ave.

Mariner’s Cove


On the docks in Brielle

The former Sandbar is now The Pig & Parrot.  Several of my local friends highly recommend it so I had to try it on my last trip. It features tacos, sandwiches,  burgers and seafood with river views and live music. It has a Key West vibe and a tropical menu featuring classic coctails and excellent seafood. I highly recommend the coconut shrimp salad and the salmon with a mango salsa. It is located along the docks with great views of the boats. 201 Union Ln.

The Pig & Parrot


The Pig & Parrot


On the docks in Brielle


On the docks in Brielle

My family just went to La Modina for great Italian food. It is located in Brielle, away from the docks, at 110 Union Ave. I will definitely try it on my visit next summer.