Where to Eat in Medellin, Colombia



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Our top restaurant finds in Medellin include:

El Cielo: At Cra 50 #10A-22 in the Zona Rosa. This restaurant with a branch in Bogota in Zona G, has been designated the #47 top restaurant in South America.

This is a fine dining restaurant with several tasting menu options. I went for lunch and opted for the three course lunch menu. In addition to the three courses they add some two-sensory courses, one to the touch where they pour a liquid of rose water and almonds that become hard as you roll it into a ball then turns liquid again. There was also an orange essence that when liquid nitrogen is added becomes like a cloud and wafted over the table

The mango, coconut soup with lemongrass was excellent and rich. There was a nice piece of yuca bread with a touch of cheese served on a stone plate. The salmon entree with creamy rice, mushrooms in a soy sauce, a touch of avocado sauce and a few cubes of tomato jelly had very complex flavors and was very good.

The dessert course was a spicy ice cream, with almond crumble, pieces of guava with guava sauce. The flavors together were excellent.

Carmen: Cra 36 #10A-27, located in the Zone Rosa of el Poblado. This is an upscale restaurant in Medellin with great design. The first dining room looks into the open kitchen, the second is most attractive with warm lighting and looks over the lovely garden in the back, where there are outdoor tables as well. The menu is extensive and creative. Tango music added to the experience.

I enjoyed my meal with an amuse bouche of salmon tartar on a plaintain, and small piece of bread with cheese and rasin sauce.

I went with the daily fish special which was a fresh amberjack dusted with plaintain powder with a coconut risotto. On the plate was a white grape sauce, a raisin sauce, grilled limes, and small sauces of herbs and flower.

The ice cream presentation for dessert was outstanding. Each in a separate square bowl was topped with different ingredients. Vanilla had a red wine sauce, the condensed milk was topped with strawberries and a strawberry juice, the cinnamon toast was also good but the chocolate peanut butter with small chocolate pieces and nuts was the best!

Stop in at Pergamino Coffee at Carrera 37, 8A – 37.

A good friend from Mexico City was just there and had a great meal at  the small, cozy Tal Cual, Calle 12 No. 43D – 12 Barrio Manila. It also has a Trip Advisor award of  excellence.