Where to Eat in Quebec City: A Foodies Guide



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Quebec City is a “Foodies” paradise with wonderful restaurants, bakeries and cafes on almost every corner. I tried to find the spots frequented by locals and not the tourist crowd from the cruise ships. The list of recommended spots includes:

Le Clocher Penche Bistrot, 203 Rue Saint-Joseph Est: This is a classic French bistro known for serving local products like cheeses. I enjoyed my very fresh salad and fish with a vegetable/beet risotto. They are also known for their great weekend brunches.

Le Cafe du Clocher Penche

I also had dinner at Yuzu Sushi Resto + Club, a short walk from my hotel at 438 Rue du Parvis. It was a real scene in a very contemporary restaurant that was recently redone. The food was good but the sushi was somewhat small compared to what I normally get in Chicago.

Yuzu Sushi Resto + Club

For lunch I ate at La Cuisine, at 205 Rue Saint Vallier Est, down the street from the hotel. It serves really good food in a very eclectic and colorful space that was filled with locals.

La Cuisine

My final night in town, I had dinner again in St. Roch or as a local called it New St. Roch due to the revitalization and new building in the area. The restaurant was L’Affaire Est Ketchup at 46 Rue St. Joseph. This was recommended by the chef at Bistro B.

It was a very small restaurant owned by two young chefs who left larger restaurants. It was like you were a guest in their home. I watched them execute the food on two residential electric stoves. I was at the bar with two young regulars who were totally into food and wine. There was something refreshing about a 20 something talking about how she could not get enough of their steak tartare. It had a great atmosphere and vibe and my meal was one of the best I had on my trip. The menu changes seasonally and daily depending on what is in season or in the market. I had an amazing scallop dish with vegetables on a bed of pureed squash and a decadent chocolate dessert that was perfectly executed. When I left I was bidding farewell to the two chefs, two servers, my two new friends at the bar and another couple in the dining room. What a wonderful way to end a perfect trip to Canada. Avoid the tourist traps and head over here fast!!

The hotel recommended le Hobbit (formerly the Hobbit Bistro) for lunch at 700 Rue St. Jean. This is a popular bistro with a sleek well-designed interior. There were virtually no tourists there, just fashionable locals. They had a great selection of soups, salads, burgers and other entrees. I had a venison burger with salad and frites that was really good.

Le Hobbit Bistro

Definitely try Cafe Bistro du Cap, nearby at 67, rue du Sault-Au-Matelot, which looks great and gets really good reviews.

Another great find was Bistro B at 1144 Ave. Cartier. I had a really great lunch. The restaurant is fairly new. It is sleek and attractive and has a local crowd. I was probably the only non-local/tourist there. The restaurant features local ingredients, so the menu changes daily depending on what is in season. I had a perfectly cooked fish entrée with vegetables and a great dessert. It is an open concept so as I sat at the bar I was able to watch my food being prepared. So fun to watch as they create.

Bistro B

I did enjoy the sleek Paillard Cafe and Boulangerie at 1097 St. Jean and David’s Tea at 1048 Rue St. Jean.

Paillard Cafe and Boulanger

I would have tried Aux Anciens Canadiens at 34 Rue St. Louis if I had the time or the ability to eat more rich food.

Quebec City Cafes