Where to Eat in Silver City NM


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Silver City


Thanks to the New York Times article about Silver City as a growing destination for Foodies. I checked out several great restaurant options. My picks include:

Café 1zero6: This is Jack Polite’s fusion restaurant that is open three nights a week at 106 N. Texas St. They blend traditional and fusion cooking from the Pacific Rim, South East Asia, Oaxaca in Mexico and Italy. The space is colorful and fun.

Shevek & Co.: A Mediterranean tapas and fusion restaurant that the NY Times and locals recommend. 602 N. Bullard St.

Millie’s Bake House: 215 W. Yankee St. This is the perfect spot for breakfast in an old house on the corner. I was surrounded by the owner Tina Klassen, her husband on the grill outside and her daughter and granddaughters having breakfast and many locals. The breakfast was good and their cookies large and excellent.

Alotta Gelato: At 619 N. Bullard St., this is a great spot for gelato that is made on the premises. Chocolate, hazelnut and coconut was my choice!

For coffee my favorite spot was the Yankie Creek Coffee House but Javalina Coffee House and Three Dogs Coffeehouse and Eatery are other options downtown.