Where to Eat and Enjoy Great Food in Seville, Spain



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From older tapas bars and cafes to chic new restaurants, you will find some great food in Seville. Some of our top finds include:

Restaurante San Marco Santa Cruz: Located at Calle Meson del Moro 6-10 in the Santa Cruz neighborhood or barrio. They have a full menu including pastas and pizza. I wanted something light and was really pleased with my choice. Located in a 12th century Arab bath, it has some great design and architectural features. I had a pizza and some great red wine. Perfecto!!

Las Escobas: Having arrived hungry on the AVE train from Valencia, I chose Las Escobas for lunch upon arrival in Seville. I had a great gazpacho and seafood paella that was so much better than the one I had the day before in Valencia at the beach. It has an old-world feel as it was established in 1386.

La Alameda de Hercules: Located in the San Vincenti neighborhood, I walked there on the way across the bridge to La Cartuja to see some of the more contemporary architecture that was built and to visit the Contemporary Art Museum. The neighborhood had declined but is now a large pedestrian area with many cafes and restaurants. I chose La Republica at #27, a contemporary café where I had a light lunch.

Confiteria La Campana at Calle Sierpes 1 and 3: Founded in 1885, this is a wonderful place for cookies, pastries, chocolates or just sandwiches. It has a great old-world décor and wonderful things to eat!!!

Vineria San Telmo, Paseo Catalina de Ribera 4: Having been recommended by several sources and articles, I enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner having 3 tapas dishes of tuna, salmon and a roast pork. The food was really good and had great sauces with each one. The flan was also good but a little on the sweet side. I loved the atmosphere, the good staff and service, the English menu, excellent wines and a great conversation with the young American couple at the next table!

Puracepa Abaceria: At Plaza San Franscisco 8, is a wine store, wine bar and tapas bar. It is attractive and attracts a young crowd.

Café Bar Las Teresas, Calle Santa Teresa #2: This was a small tapas bar right around the corner from my hotel. It was founded in 1870 and has a wonderful traditional atmosphere. I remember it from my first trip to Seville. I stopped in for a glass of wine and loved just looking at the pictures, the hanging hams above the bar and watching the locals.

Other suggestions for tapas include Casa Morales, Bodeguitas Antonio Romero, La Azotea, El Rinconcillo and La Pincelada. The Metropole Parasol also has restaurants and a market.