Visiting Exotic Myanmar! Before You Go





Myanmar- Burma


Myanmar was a really amazing experience and I was so glad I went. I saw no military presence during my trip, only wonderful warm and friendly people. Unfortunately, it was just announced on February 1, 2021 according to the New York Times, “the military of Myanmar overthrew the country’s fragile democratic government in a coup d’état on Monday, arresting civilian leaders, shutting off the internet and cutting off flights.”  The violence has gotten progressively worse in the month since then. I would put off any travel at this time. I wish the wonderful people well during these difficult times.

This brings back the wonderful memories of my trip there.

I loved the traditional dress (or longyi). Both men and women wear a long skirt which is practical with the tropical heat. Different patterns and colors are found in different regions of the country. Everyone wears flip flops or sandals.

The colonial architecture of Yangon (Rangoon). Most are a little neglected which reminds me a lot of Havana Cuba.

The food. I loved the food! I could eat papaya at every meal since it is so amazing. The morning glory (like spinach) was my favorite.

To sum up this amazing experience:

Monks in red

Blessings of long life

Toothless smiles

Brown faces

Beautiful children with large brown eyes waving goodbye from their school

Chanting and music permeating the air

Wild poinsettias

A wonderful festival and small village for lunch

New friends