Exploring Lima’s Barranco District







Barranco quickly became one of my favorite neighborhoods in Lima. I highly recommend staying in the area and exploring its restaurants, stores, galleries and museums.

I loved the feel, the homes, the colors, the old architecture, the main square and the park with a deep ravine and the Bridge of Sighs “el puente de los suspiros” crossing over the ravine and the path to the ocean.

There are cafes where you can stop in for tea, coffee or ice cream. Tostaduria Bisetti is a great spot for a cup of coffee at Av. Pedro de Osma 116.

B Arts Boutique Hotel, Calle San Martin 301: This is a stunning boutique hotel that recently opened in a beautiful mansion from the 1920’s. They have a small but attractive restaurant and bar off the lobby.

Dedalos Arte y Artesania: At Paseo Saenz Pena 295, this is a lovely shop carrying home furnishings, textiles, art, folk art and handicrafts plus clothing and accessories. There is a lovely garden in the back where you can grab a coffee or snack while exploring the neighborhood.

Artesanos Don Bosco, Av. San Martin 135 in Barranco: Located in an old mansion, this is an interesting store featuring furniture, textiles, glass, stone and other pieces by local Peruvian artists. They have two other locations including one in Cusco.

MATE museum (Mario Testino), 409 Ave. Pedro de Osma: This is a quality, small museum which features some of the photographs and works of Mario Testino plus some of the works that he collects. There are temporary exhibitions featuring Peruvian artists and other international artists throughout the year. There is also a small cafe.

Pedro de Osma Museum: At Av. Pedro de Osma 421, this is a small museum that is well worth the visit. It is located in two beautiful buildings and a contemporary annex. Here you will find European and Peruvian paintings, sculptures, religious art, decorative arts including silver pieces and furniture. I particularly liked Room 3 with the paintings of Peruvian angels and archangels and the contemporary art exhibition in the Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions.

MAC Lima/Museo de Arte Contemporaneo: If you have time, you should check out the current exhibits at this contemporary art museum at Av. Miguel Grau 1511, on the edge of Barranco. I ran out of time but will add it to my list for next time.