Featured Attraction – Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen







I went to the Tivoli Gardens, at Vesterbrogade 3, during the day and felt it was very touristy; but at night, when I returned, it was magical. The lights were amazing. There was a dance performance and outdoor concert going on and the cafes were full. What a difference 4 hours makes. Avoid the daytime and go at night and feel like a local. There are many restaurants, amusement rides, entertainment venues, shops and ice cream and candy vendors to choose from.

The 170 year old amusement garden, conceived by Georg Carstensen in 1843, is still considered an oasis in the middle of the city with a mix of old and new amusements and culture. There are restaurants, performing artists, fireworks, live music and pantomime theater.

The concept was born in the 18th and 19th centuries,where pleasure gardens appeared across Europe as a form of getaway from the increasingly expanding cities. They had beautiful parks, promenade paths, outdoor pavilions, music and performance, public houses and amusements. There were decorative illuminations which were lit at dark and provided a festival and magical atmosphere. I found that the concept is still alive and thriving in Copenhagen today. I wouldn’t miss it.