LX Factory Lisbon Portugal







As part of my attempt to see the new Lisbon, my visit to the LX Factory was one of the most interesting and fun stops on my agenda. It is a former factory that has been totally transformed and is now home to boutiques, cafes and restaurants, an organic market, galleries and some offices for architecture and design firms and internet start-ups. I had lunch at the Cantina which was a wonderfully designed, eclectic space using industrial furnishings where you sit at long tables. I had a great vegetarian pasta and salad from the salad bar. It had a very young clientele. I also loved the look of the 1300 Taberna. I went to the sleek Landeau Chocolate and had my dessert which was a wonderfully decadent chocolate cake. I met some great Americans from Savannah GA on vacation in Lisbon who I saw in Savannah a year later.