Classical Music in Vienna, Austria



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Mozarthaus: Having visited the home where he was born and his second family home in Salzburg, I was glad to visit his home in Vienna again where he wrote the Marriage of Figaro and many other pieces. There are three floors of exhibitions with the last floor the actual apartment where he lived. You will see family paintings, some of his actual sheet music and the set designs for several of his famous operas. The website has information on their listing of concerts and musical programs.

Wien Museum: For music lovers, you might enjoy the special museums in Vienna dedicated to Haydn, Schubert, Strauss and Beethoven. These are individual museums or the apartments where they lived and wrote. Their website lists all the locations and information.

Konzerte im Mozarthaus: I attended a wonderful concert by a string quartet when I was in town. The concerts take place in the house where Mozart had his first apartment in Vienna and where he performed many times. What a beautiful setting for the music with excellent acoustics. The concert included works by Bach, Haydn and of course Mozart.  I booked my ticket online before my trip. Singerstrasse 7.

There is music everywhere in Vienna make sure to check out the schedules for some of the top venues and buy your tickets online before you go. There are classical concerts, operas, operettas, musicals and dance performances. Some of the top venues include the famous Musikverein, the Volksoper and beautiful Staatsopera. In the past I attended concerts in the Hofburg Palace, The Merry Widow at the Staatsopera and in the evening at Schoenbrunn Palace. You will see many brochures all over the city advertising these special concerts.