Outremont and Mile End – Montreal






I really like this great neighborhood east of the Parc de Mont-Royal. It was recommended that I try Lemeac at 1045 Ave. Laurier Ouest. It is a great French bistro with a sleeker, more modern décor than L’Express with large windows. I had a wonderful duck entrée with cherry sauce and sweet potato puree plus a great glass of French wine. The coconut basil sorbet was a first and also good. The service was excellent and it served a definite local French-speaking crowd.

Laurier is filled with shops, restaurants and cafes. Check out Boutique 1101 at 152 Avenue Laurier Ouest, for great kitchen and cooking items. They offer daily recipes (in French) and cooking classes by some of Montreal’s chefs several evenings a week! If you want to do a class, book early.