Parc Olympique and Habitat 67 – Montreal







For architecture buffs, make sure to add Parc Olympique and Habitat to your list.

Parc Olympique:  I took the Metro east to the Parc Olympique which was very interesting to see and explore the architecture.  Here the highlights are the Biodome and the Olympic Stadium which were built for the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.

Not to far from Vieux Montreal and Multimedia City is Habitat 67.  This is a housing complex and landmark located on the Marc-Drouin Quay on the Saint Lawrence River at 2600 Pierre Dupuy Avenue.  Its design was created by architect Moshe Safdie based on his master’s thesis at McGill University and built as part of Expo 67.  I remember it from when I was in grade school. It is famous for it interlocking modular design.  I saw it twice from a distance but didn’t make the effort to see the complex upclose due to rain and bad weather.  You might find it interesting to see it close up when you are there.