San Antonio’s River Walk





San Antonio


San Antonio’s River Walk is one of the highlights of visiting the city, so make sure to spend some time there. Here you will find a large number of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels plus water taxis and more. The central part can be very crowded, therefore, I prefer the less touristed areas of the River Walk. 

My recommendations from my recent trip include:

Hotel Havana, 1015 Navarro St.: A San Antonio boutique hotel on the north side of the Riverwalk. It is owned by the same company as Saint Cecilia and San Jose in Austin. Its restaurant, Ocho, is located in a large atrium.

The Riverwalk Vista Inn: This small boutique inn, with seventeen rooms, is located across from the Riverwalk. It is located in a charming building from the late 1800’s. The decor has high ceilings and long leaf pine floors. My room was very attractive and comfortable and the staff very helpful. It is on a busy corner, so make sure to ask for a quiet room and bring ear plugs. 262 Losoya.  

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk: This is a stylish, 213 room  boutique hotel on a quiet part of the Riverwalk that is always on the list of the tops hotels in town and in Texas. It has a very attractive lobby and bar plus is home to the Citrus restaurant. 150 E. Houston St.

Biga on the Banks: High end restaurant, with lovely decor and views of the River Walk at 203 South St. Mary’s St. It opened 26 years ago with 16 in this current location. I enjoyed a good salmon entree with a local friends. This is a quiet spot compared to many on the River Walk.