What to See and Do in Tokyo Japan







Tokyo is a bustling city with great architecture and many things to see and do. Don’t miss the following:

The Asahi Super Dry Hall or Asahi Beer Hall: The amusing building was designed by Philippe Starck in 1989.

Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hills: This is a fairly new contemporary art museum. View the city from the Skywalk Observatory where the views are really incredible. The architecture of the complex was really outstanding.

Harajuku: Check out Takeshita-dori, a narrow alley between Meijo-dori and Harajuku station where you find the hot teen fashion and culture. Young girls often dress like their favorite cartoon/anime or computer game character.

Pachinko and cartoon/anime characters: All you see is color, from the cartoon/anime characters, to Hello Kitty to colorful Pachinko parlors in Shibuya and Shinjuku. I even loved the colors of the hot tea machines found all over the city.

Idemitsu Museum of Art: This is Tokyo’s finest private collection of Japanese paintings, calligraphy and ceramics.

Meiji-jingu Shrine: This was rebuilt after World War II and is Tokyo’s greatest Shinto shrine which commemorates Emperor Meiji. Attending a ceremony and performance of sacred Kagura dance in the Shrine’s inner chamber was really outstanding.

Asakusa and Sensoji Temple: This is Tokyo’s most sacred and spectacular temple. The five story pagoda, Hozo-mon Gate, Main Hall and Incense Burner are the major focal points.

Tokyo International Forum: A huge cultural complex, completed in 1996 by Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly, with a striking long oval glass hall. Great for people who love architecture.

Park Hyatt Hotel: Made famous by the movie Lost in Translation, stop in to see the hotel bar, have a drink or meal.

Imperial Palace Garden: The East Gardens are a great place to walk to get away from the crowds.

Takashimaya Department Store: I enjoyed seeing the Ginza location with its huge food area. Down the street, I enjoyed Ginza Tenkuni for tempura. It has been in business since 1887.