Where to Stay in Bisbee Arizona






Our top hotel finds in Bisbee include:

Letson Loft Hotel: Located in an historic downtown building built between 1883 and 1888. It was the former Goldwater-Castaneda mercantile store, opened by Barry Goldwater’s Grandfather in 1883. The hotel, now with eight rooms, has redone the space using the original wood floors, original skylights, exposed brick and adobe plastered walls. They are under the same ownership as the well-known Hacienda de Sol hotel in Tucson.

Shady Dell: For those wanting a unique experience make sure you consider The Shady Dell, where you can stay in one of nine vintage travel trailers from the 1940’s and 50’s. I checked out several and they are beautifully restored. Some have bathrooms and showers, others you have to use a facility on the property. You can watch black and white TV shows on old TV sets but there is no current cable or internet. Perfect for those wanting a vintage experience and to unplug. It is located just outside town at 1 Douglas Rd.