Where to Stay in Highlands/Cashiers NC






There are great lodging choices in both Highlands and Cashiers. Our top choices include:

High Hampton Inn & Country Club: Located in Cashiers, this is a resort that has been there since 1933. It is known for its golf course and beautiful grounds. Guests stay in rustic cabins located around the main club house. The main lodge has a comfortable living room area focused on large stone fireplaces and the rustic dining room has not changed in years. Here buffet style meals are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our fast paced society, I am so glad to go to a place where some things never change!

Old Edwards Inn & Spa: At 445 Main St., The Old Edwards Inn is a beautiful, small property with traditional decor right in the center of Highlands. It has an outdoor restaurant, indoor restaurant and spa.

Main Street Inn & Bistro on Main: At the end of Main St., at #270, in Highlands is a small, charming Inn and restaurant.

The Chandler Inn is a small B&B just outside town that you might consider if you want more reasonably priced lodging.