The Cafe Culture in Vienna



Food & Drink




For hundreds of years Vienna has had a café culture that is still thriving today. Make sure to take the time to sit in a café, have a wonderful cake with coffee and look at the old-world details. Our recommendations include:

Demel: A trip to Vienna would not be complete without a visit to Demel. This is a famous pastry shop and cafe, from 1786, known for its wonderful cakes and chocolates. They do offer breakfast, small sandwiches and other entrees. They have wonderful coffees, teas and hot chocolates as well. I enjoyed their popular Senegaltorte with hazelnuts. There is seating at the bar downstairs, in the small dining room in the rear overlooking the bakery and in the upstairs dining room. Kohlmarkt 14.




Café Sacher: At Wien Philharmonikerstrasse 4, this is the old-world café on the first floor of this world-famous hotel. It is a must for coffee or a piece of the famous Sacher Torte.

Cafe Sacher

Café Landtmann: I enjoyed a pre-concert dinner at this popular Viennese café from 1873. It was Freud’s favorite spot! If you can’t do a meal, at least stop in for a coffee and wonderful pastry. It is a short walk from the MuseumsQuartier. Universitatsring 4.

Café Central: Don’t miss this famous café from 1876 in the Palais Ferstel at 17 Herrengasse.

Other traditional cafes include Café Braunerhoff, Café Korb, Café Museum, Café Pruckel, Café Ritter and Café Weimer. The Café Sperl is one of the famed cafes to visit as well.