Things to Do in Chattanooga, TN







Warehouse Row: Warehouse Row is located in an historic building from 1904 at 1110 Market St.  You will find a number of retail stores including Anthropologie and J. Crew and restaurants including Tupelo Honey Cafe, which is a part of a popular group of restaurants, including one in Knoxville.

Warehouse Row

Next time I want to walk over the Walnut Street Bridge and explore the North Shore. This is a neighborhood with some fun restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and shops. There is even the Chattanooga Theatre Centre where you can catch a performance.

Warehouse Row

I remember visiting Chattanooga with my parents as a child and exploring the area. I still remember the fun I had. There are many activities in the surrounding area to experience. Make sure to take the historic Incline Railway (from 1895) up Lookout Mountain. Once there, visit Point Park that marks the site of a Civil War battle now honored at the Battles for Chattanooga Museum. Also make sure to visit Ruby Falls, the 145 ft. underground waterfall that has been a popular attraction since 1930. Finally there is Rock City. The gardens, made famous by the barn signs throughout the country touting See Rock City, have been popular since the 1930’s. It offers sweeping views, sandstone formations and gardens. You will find the Fairyland Caverns, the Mother Goose Village, the Cornerstone Station and a number of shops and restaurants.

Songbirds Guitar Museum: My local friends recommend this fun museum which traces the history of the instrument from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. There are rotating exhibits as well as music performances throughout the year. 35 Station St.  

Warehouse Row

The Tennessee Aquarium is located in the heart of downtown at 1 Broad St. Families will enjoy the many exhibits and special events.

The Bluff View Arts District is a unique neighborhood with two museums, a sculpture park, restaurants, a coffee chop and luxury B&B. It is one of the highlights of the city.

Warehouse Row