Our Top Brussels Restaurant Finds



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You won’t go hungry in Brussels. Our recent finds include:

Across the street from the Magritte Museum is MIM or the Musical Instrument Museum. Here you will find a great restaurant on the top floor of this beautiful Art Nouveau building with a spectacular outdoor terrace overlooking the city. This is a perfect spot for lunch.

Near my hotel on Rue Jean Stas, there are a number of small restaurants including the well-known Mamy Louise with a nice outdoor café at Rue Jean Stas 12. I stopped for a pot of tea at La Cremerie de la Vache at Rue Jean Stas 6 which I recommend.

Le Clan des Belges, formerly Belgo Restaurant, where I had my first moules frites of the trip. This is the Belgian specialty of mussels and French fries. It is on Rue de la Paix 20. There is a nice outdoor café as well overlooking the attractive small street and square.

Place du Grand Sablon: A great square with several antiques stores, chocolate makers and cafes. I tried a few pieces of French and Belgian chocolate from two of the stores. Alex & Alex Chocolates, at Rue de la Paille 32, were excellent.

The L’Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont is a lovely restaurant and cafe in a beautiful park in central Brussels. It is perfect for an afternoon snack after a full of day of exploration and looking at wonderful art.