Our Top Cuenca Restaurant Finds



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Tiestos Cafe and Restaurant: I chose Tiestos at the recommendation of locals and one other guest at my hotel. What a great spot!! It has a fun, casual atmosphere and really wonderful food. Most of the entrees are for two to four people. But there are a few individual entrees to choose from. I chose the chicken in a curry and almond sauce which was excellent. It came with many small sides including two types of potatoes, couscous, corn, rice, mixed vegetables and a mango and strawberry salad. The bread before the meal came with at least nine small sauces for dipping including an eggplant and chimichuri sauce. Juan Carlos, the chef and owner, is delightful and you certainly won’t go hungry!!! Juan Jaramillo 4-89 y Mariano Cueva.

Raymipampa Cafe/Restaurante: Located next to the Catedral Nueva at Benigno Malo 8-59 y Sucre, this is a casual cafe featuring local cuisine that is perfect for a light lunch. It comes highly recommended by locals. I had a shrimp omelette that was perfect. I also tried Naranjilla juice which is made from a local citrus fruit which is really quite tasty.

San Sebas Cafe: At Sebastian 1-94 y Marsical Sucre, this is a perfect spot to grab a coffee, breakfast or a sandwich while in town or before going to the Modern Art Museum across the street. It has a casual, colorful atmosphere that is frequented by expats and locals.

Fruitilados: Located just off the main square at Bolivar and L. Cordero, this is a great spot for cookies, ice cream and coffee while exploring Cuenca. They have both indoor and outdoor seating.

The Casa Alonso restaurant at the Maison Alcazar Boutique Hotel is very attractive with excellent food and is a good choice to dine in town. There is a nice breakfast buffet as well. You will enjoy the small dining room or outdoor seating in a small enclosed area. It is located at Bolivar 12-55.