Charming Union Pier, Michigan





Union Pier/Lakeside/New Buffalo/Harbert


Union Pier is a charming town along Lake Michigan. This is a great spot to make your base from which to explore the area. We recommend:

Inn at Union Pier: I have stayed here in the past and have always enjoyed this charming property. It is a short walk to the lake and has 16 guest rooms. 9708 Berrien St.

The Inn at Union Pier

Goldberry Woods is a newer property that looks excellent. It is a B&B with eight rooms, has two private cottages for rent and operates a  microfarm. On the farm, they have planted a variety of berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, aronia, juneberries, gooseberries, grapes, currants, sea buckthorn, and goji berries.  Many of these tart berries will be juiced and made into jellies or apple and grape juice blends. They have also recently added Asian pears, apple trees, pear trees, peaches, quince, plums, figs, and apricots to their orchards.

Garden Grove Bed & Breakfast, at 9549 Union Pier Road, is another option. They have four room in the B&B plus there is a  three-room detached carriage house.

Izzy’s Bean & Gelato Shoppe,  in Union Pier is a fun spot for a coffee and a sorbet or gelato. 16090 Red Arrow Hwy. There is also the Blue Plate Cafe at 15288 Red Arrow Hwy. Friends also like the Red Arrow Roadhouse for casual dining. 15710 Red Arrow Hwy.

Izzy’s Bean & Gelato Shoppe

Recently opened is the Whistle Stop Grocery at 15700 Red Arrow Hwy.  This is a small gourmet grocery that features prepared foods, beer, wine, grocery items, coffee and bakery goods. You can also grab a salad, soup, sandwich or a slice of their daily quiche to dine onsite. There are only two seats inside, but several tables outside.

Whistle Stop Grocery


Whistle Stop Grocery

Local friends are enjoying the newly opened, Timothy’s Restaurant at 16409 Red Arrow Hwy. It is an upscale restaurant that features steaks and seafood along with cocktails and martinis. I look forward to trying it on my next trip over from Chicago. They also frequent the Black Currant Bake House, a new bakery featuring coffee and tea at 9911 Town Line Ave.

Whistle Stop Grocery