The Best Things to Do in Santa Fe, NM





Santa Fe


Santa Fe is a great walking town. Explore The Plaza, Canyon Road, Museum Hill and the Railway Arts District.

Santa Fe

Bandelier National Monument: A great place to view the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi Indians. Check to make sure the park is open since, in 2011, it was closed due to fires and flash flooding.

Santa Fe

Outdoor Activities: From skiing in Taos and Santa Fe, to fishing, hiking, biking and mountain biking, golf, tennis, horseback riding and river rafting, there is plenty to keep you busy when you are not exploring the cultural sites of the area.

Santa Fe

Other Activities/Creative Tourism:

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops offers really wonderful classes and trips. I have taken several classes in the past, on location, through them. The instructors often do presentations of their work while teaching. So check with them to see what is currently on the schedule. There are also classes in many different areas including writing, pottery tango, weaving and cooking.

Santa Fe Plaza

Ten Thousand Waves, 3451 Hyde Park Road: On the way from downtown to the Ski mountain, this is a must do experience. This is a Japanese-style spa in the mountains, a few minutes from downtown.

Make sure to visit the New Mexico State Capitol Art Collection at 411 State Capitol.

Santa Fe Plaza

The Loretto Chapel with its famed spiral staircase and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi are beautiful churches to visit with stunning altars.

Loretto Chapel

On my last trip I found the New Mexico School for the Arts. Check out the calendar of events on their website.

New Mexico School for the Arts

The Santuario de Guadalupe (The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe) in Santa Fe, established in the 1770’s, is the oldest standing shrine in the United States. It was built in honor of our Lady of Guadalupe and is an enduring landmark. Make sure to visit it if you have time when you are in town as it is now an art and history museum. 100 S. Guadalupe St.

Santuario de Guadalupe