Destination Door County, Wisconsin




Door County


Called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, Door County is a 70 mile-long peninsula, between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, that has a beautiful coastline dotted by lighthouses and charming villages. I recently went back after many years and was very impressed with the wonderful restaurants, cultural offerings, galleries and boutiques to farm stands and wineries. There are also many outdoor activities to choose from including biking, hiking, sailing, boat tours and kayaking.

I love exploring old lighthouses. The peninsula has 11 that you can visit that were built from 1836 to 1899.  

You can ride the Island Clipper or the Washington Island Ferry from Gills Rock to Washington Island. Here you can rent a bike or moped or take a tour train to explore the island. There are a number of restaurant and lodging options while you are there. I hope to explore it  on my next trip.

Fish Boils have been a Door County tradition and a major tourist attraction for more than 70 years. Here locally caught whitefish are boiled on an open fire in an outdoor kitchen. In addition, onion and potatoes are cooked along with the fish.The fish, onions and potatoes are served with melted butter, lemon wedges, coleslaw or salad, bread and a piece of Door County cherry pie. A few restaurants also feature a lobster boil or crab boil as well.

My recommendations are divided by town, Wine and Spirits, The Arts and Orchards/Farm Stands and Markets.

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